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Miejsce zamieszkania: http://www.airchinakeensta.com/courier/
O sobie: TNT express has a strong air and road transportation network in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Keensta is a first-class agent of TNT in Hong Kong and the mainland. It has a good cooperative relationship all year round and has strong customs clearance ability in Europe.
TNT details
TNT express is a global express and postal service provider, headquartered in the Netherlands, its international network covers more than 200 countries in the world, providing a series of global integrated logistics solutions. In Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, the air and road transport network is very advantageous. As a first-class agent of TNT in Hong Kong and the mainland,
Keensta maintains a good cooperative relationship all the year round and has strong customs clearance ability in Europe.
Fast and convenient
Keensta has fixed vehicles trucking to Hong Kong every day and delivering package to TNT warehouse in Hong Kong. After TNT scanning and picked up the cargo, normally the transit time is around 3-5 working days for global 15N (fast)service; 4-7 working days for economic 48n (economic) service (this transit time is start from the package tracking show in internet till package arrive consignee鈥檚 hands), except for special circumstances! The actual transit time is affected by the customs clearance time and flight schedule at the destination.
TNT size limit: The maximum size limit of European countries shall not exceed 2.4 m * 1.8 m * 1.2 m, and European countries shall not exceed 1.8 m * 1.5 m * 1.2 m
Normal weight: the longest side of a single piece is not more than 2.4m, and the single piece is not more than 70kg. For oversize/overweight package, please consult our customer service personnel before delivery.
The calculation method of overweight/oversize Surcharge is as follows: RMB 3.6/kg * (1 + fuel of the current month), and the minimum consumption of each ticket is RMB 80 * (1 + fuel of the current month);
 TNT to Saudi Arabia
The prohibited items include: alcohol, drugs, guns, satellite cards, passports, x-class smart cards, pornographic, religious belief related, offensive Islamic goods, pork and processed products, gambling equipment, weapons, tobacco advertisements, alcohol, chemicals, unlicensed watches, sunglasses and cameras.
TNT to Russia
Both the shipper and the consignee must be a real registered company. If they can't clear the customs at the destination, parcel can only be returned by force and can't be destroyed, and all the expenses incurred will be borne by the sender.
TNT to Qatar
TNT Do not accept electrified products; only accept the goods of less than 99 kg, if shipment 锛?9kgs it need to be separated into several courier No.
TNT require the invoice, the original invoice to be sealed
TNT to Iraq
TNT can only reach Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, North of IRAQ-Erbil (IQ3), Karkuk, Dihuk and Sulymania do not have economic service.
TNT to Turkey
TNT do not accept package commercial value 锛淓UR75 to use economic service, also do not accept cell phone.Best Courier

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