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Jak wylać galaretkę na ciasto?

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Chciałabym zrobić biszkopta z galaretką . Będę go robić pierwszy raz dlatego nie wiem jak zrobić by galaretka nie wsiąknęła w biszkopt. Podobno trzeba ciasto posmarować jakimś kremem. Czy może to być bita śmietana ze Śnieżki, czy musi to być coś innego? Bardzo prosiłabym o rady, bo galaretka i biszkopt już stygną :)
pytanie zadane 22 czerwca 2013 w Dieta i odżywianie przez użytkownika niezalogowany
I recently hired a contractor exchange for some retirement community renovations, and I should reveal that I am uncommonly gratified with their work.  They were expert, punctual, and went above and beyond to ensure that all was done to my satisfaction. They were also altogether communicative all the way through the unalloyed convert, keeping me cultivated of any issues that arose and addressing them promptly. Inclusive, I enthusiastically mention favourably this contractor to anyone in desideratum of rank innards and exceptional chap service. Thank you!
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Hiring  <a href=https://contractorfinder.geappliances.com/contractors-farmville-va>GE Appliances Contractors Farmville VA</a> was a game-changer against  my habitation renovation project. From the introductory consultation to the final walkthrough, their professionalism and expertness were evident. The conspire was communicative, ensuring I was educated at every stage. Their acclaim to detail was impeccable, transforming my delusion into truth with precision. Teeth of a only one unexpected challenges, they adapted unexpectedly, keeping the concoct on track. The mark of toil exceeded my expectations, making the investment worthwhile.

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