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Glass Tube Rotameter manufacturers

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        Founded in 1989,YUYAO KINGTAI INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD is specialized in the research and
       development, manufactures, sales, and services of industry instruments. KINGTAI is one of the
       draftsman of national inspection regulation JJG257-2007銆奟OTAMETER銆? has the National
       Technical Supervision issued by the manufacturing meter license, certificate number for the
       Zhejiang system 02810146.And it is a high-tech enterprise in Ningbo,the production of products        
       have passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification
      Our major products is flowmeter, pressure gauge and solenoid valve. We are the biggest
      manufacturer of acrylic flowmeter in China.Oxygen flowmeter for concentrator is featured
      products of KINGTAI, We use Euramerican's experience in oxygen flowmeter's production
      process and detection Means, we continuous attention to excellence whether the appearance,
      accuracy or other technical, therefore the qualities of our products enjoy a high reputation in
      Euramerican's oxygen concentrator manufacturing in dustry.
      Two kinds of flowmeters which we developed according to the market requirement respectively
      to obtain the patent certificate issued by the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China
      LZS- series plastic tube precision and durable rotameter, patent no.: ZL94208420.9
      LZB-4.6.10F corrosion proof glass rotameter patent No.: 200620122839.3
      Our flowmeter, pressure gauge and solenoid valve not only have a large number of customers in                   China,but also exported to the international market, we can also provide OEM manufacturing
      service for customer all over the world.
       KINGTAI has a strong technical strength, advanced production facilities, management norms, a
      good commercial reputation, is the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and
      Commerce approved the naming of the "Shou contract re credit units". Enterprise adhere to the                   "quality first, customer first" purpose,pursue "development and innovation, and strive for
      excellence" goal, the user's satisfaction is our greatest wish.
      The excelsior creates the exquisite article, is we pursue unremittingly!
       Our Product
      Main products include LZB series glass rotameter flow meters, LZM series panel type flow
      meters,LZS series plastic tube type flow meters, general pressure gauges, electric contact
      pressure gauges, liquid filled pressure gauges, and solenoid valves.
      The major products include:
      鈼?LZB-Series glass tube Flow meter
      鈼?LD -Series Electromagnetic Flow meter
      鈼?LZ -Series Variable-area Flow Meter With Metallic Measuring Tube
      鈼?LZM - Series Acrylic Panel Type,Tube Type Acrylic Flow Meter
      鈼?LZS - Series Plastic Tube Flow Meter
      鈼?DK Series Glass Rotameter Flow Meter
      鈼?VA/SA/FA10, VA/SA/FA20, GA24 Glass Rotameter
      鈼?General Pressure Gauge, Electric Contact Pressure Gauge, Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
      鈼?Solenoid Valve
     Our Service
    1.Our team have rich experience on providing overall water solution for clients Who need
     different water treatment products for their local market. (eg: spare parts for assembling and
     system maintenance, clear unsure technical question, deep market analysis and so on).
    2.We have wide range product line for clients,you may do a partial shipping or let us arrange the                      whole order for you to save costs.
   3.Our engineer team not only design your product,but also provide professional suggestion to you.
    4. For OEM applications, we offer precision engineered sizes and flow ranges for a variety of fluids.
          Glass Tube Rotameter manufacturers
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