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Application of shallow air flotation for water treatment

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Application of shallow air flotation for water treatment
The advantages and disadvantages of traditional air flotation and shallow air flotation were compared. The effect of shallow air flotation on acrylic fiber wastewater treatment was studied through the wastewater treatment project of a chemical fiber corporation in Jilin province. The results showed that, using shallow air flotation machine to pretreat acrylic fiber wastewater, the average removal rate of CODCr reached above 11.3%, which was over 50% higher than that by traditional rectangular tank air flotation machine(about 5.6%), which showed that, shallow air flotation had a good performance when treating acrylic fiber wastewater.

Dissolved air flotation systems: advantages and application
Application fields

Paper mills: historically paper mills represent one of the first applications of dissolved air floatation systems. mitadaf floatation units are employed in paper-works for two different applications. The principal usage it’s a unit of the production process itself: mitadaf allows the user to recover most of the paper fibres which constitute the raw material and which would otherwise be lost in the washing water of the sheets. On the second place mitadaf is employed for the treatment of the waste water, especially for the removal of the suspended solids and of the COD associated with them. In both cases mitadaf is the ideal solution for optimising the recovery of solids thanks to the efficiency of its (own) air dissolving system. The vast range of models which MITA Water Technologies has available means that the requirements of both the smaller and of more significant installations can be satisfied.

Biscuit factories and confectionery production plants: one of the principal applications of the mitadaf floatation system is the pre-treatment of the waste water discharged from biscuit factories and confectionery production plants. The different production lines are subjected to frequent washing because of hygienic questions, and when products with different features are manufactured. The process water of biscuits and confectionery production plants are characterised by a high content of suspended solids, COD and greases. mitadaf, used as pre-treatment upstream of biological water treatment, or prior to discharge to the sewer, allows a substantial reduction on the levels of such parameters. This then permits the reduction of the dimensions and the optimising of operation of any eventual biological treatment plant downstream. Alternatively, a lower load of pollutants permits the users to discharge their waste water directly to the municipal sewer network, by reaching the limits defined by the directive 91/271/EC. mitadaf, thanks to its limited dimensions, can be readily sited even in small layout spaces. No specialist personnel is required for the operation of the plant because of the simplicity of its operation and management.

Salami factories: waste water from salami factories contains high concentrations of fats and suspended solids, derived from the preparation and bagging process of the meat. The presence of these substances can create problems for the biological waste water treatment plant; the fats inhibit the development of the bacterial treatment and the highly pollutant loads require a treatment plant of large size with long residence times of the effluent water in the biological treatment tanks. In this context mitadaf intervenes on both fronts. Employed as pre-treatment, it allows extremely high efficiency of removal of fats and suspended solids, thanks to its innovative air dissolving system.
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